The Florida Keys (Monroe County)

What makes the Keys an interesting case for study?

Top three questions:

Q1: Is an outbreak starting?

Daily change in new cases (averaged over week):
plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-2

Q2: How dangerous is it now?

The following numbers evaluate “danger #2” in this split of covid danger.

For context, about one death per week is the rate of pneumonia/flu deaths in the Keys (based on Florida rates).

Covid deaths * per week:
plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-3

See a historical perspective for a broad context.

* What is counted as a death from COVID-19?

Q3: Can the Keys “beat” coronavirus?

Weekly covid deaths * per million of “winning” counties
compared with
2% and 1% of Keys cases per million:
plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-4

Further Details

New cases per week:
plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-5

New cases per day:
plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-6

Data check

County population = 74,228

confirmed deaths
2020-08-06 1438 13
2020-08-07 1456 13
2020-08-08 1514 13

Extra Goodies

Tuberculosis (TB) in the Keys: