Middlesex County, Massachusetts

For less noisy data see Core Boston Metro Area.

Top three questions:

Q1: Is an outbreak starting?

Daily change in new cases (averaged over week):
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Advanced estimates of state level change can be found at

Q2: How dangerous is it now?

The following numbers evaluate “danger #2” in this split of covid danger.

New Covid deaths * per week per million in Middlesex County, MA
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See a historical perspective for a broad context.

* What is counted as a death from COVID-19?
** TB = Tuberculosis. Historical rates are age-adjusted. 1865 rate is based on limited records, but follows the historical trend.

How close is Middlesex County, MA to herd immunity?

% of population dead due to COVID *
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What is the herd immunity death threshold?

* What is counted as a death from COVID-19?

Estimates of (past) % of population infected:
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Estimates are based on infection fatality rate.

Data Detail

New cases per week:
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New cases per day:
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New deaths per day:
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Data Check

middlesex.cases middlesex.deaths
2020-08-03 25932 1988
2020-08-04 26027 1989
2020-08-05 26109 1989
2020-08-06 26156 1998
2020-08-07 26254 1999
2020-08-08 26345 2002